TaherInvest Group

About Us

TaherInvest is a Jordanian International Investment Group  with offices in Jordan, Afghanistan, Romania, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Morocco and the United States.  TaherInvest owns, operates or has under development more then twenty-six companies.

Fathi Taher established his first company in 1964 as a continuation of his family business in Kuwait. The business began trading between Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey to the Arabian Gulf. It later extended to Austria, Germany and Scandinavia. With time, the business expanded with the trading of steel, wood products, industrial glass, cement and petrochemicals.  By 1984 the company had annual revenues exceeding US$100 million. The focus of the business changed in the 1990s as a result of the opportunities presented by the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Taherlnvest moved to a mergers and acquisition based strategy focused on large infrastructure projects, real estate (including agricultural land), factories and operating businesses.

Taherlnvest continues to flourish and is involved in many development activities that include energy infrastructure, real estate projects, heavy industries, hotels and rail-transit systems. The company has several specialized companies in heavy industry that include: production, manufacturing, fabrication and erection of steel structures. Taherlnvest is currently involved in the development of several projects, notably rail transit systems in the Middle East and Africa and two large development projects, the Grand Hotel Kabul and the Kabul Grand Residences, in Kabul, Afghanistan. In addition, it is also developing several other 5-Star hotels in Africa and the Middle East.

Taherlnvest looks to continue its development efforts with the construction of hotels, housing and other infrastructure projects. These projects encourage economic growth and have large, positive, socio-economic impacts on the local area. Our company's mission is to seek out good business opportunities and build a better future for the regions in which we invest.